John Cena as Captain Marvel?

Okay first things first, we’re not talking about the Brie Larson character in the upcoming Marvel movies we’re talking about the DC owned character who is also slated to have his own movie in the coming years.  So while The Rock being cast as Black Adam (Captain Marvel’s foe) was met with a majority of […]

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Death Note Review

I was a big fan of the Death Note anime series, until the wheels fell off in the final episodes… but I did finish it.  So when I heard Netflix was releasing a live-action version I was pretty excited. I was originally under the impression this was going to be a series but unfortunately it […]

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Marvel’s Spider-Man Premiers

The first two episodes of the new Spider-Man series were released last weekend and they show great potential.  This isn’t “Spider-Man: Year One” this is “Spider-Man: Day One”, and we get to see him as he works the kinks out of his gear (sometimes on the fly).  Peter sometimes comes off a little “overly nerdy” […]

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Defenders Episodes 1 and 2

So far I’ve only been able to see the first two episodes of the new Defender series and I’ve got to say I’m really enjoying it thus far.  The first episodes really doesn’t have anything in the way of big plot points, so spoilers should be few or non-existent. Basically if you have seen the […]

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