Let’s head back to the 80’s with the Stranger Things mobile game

Stranger Things season 2 is set to drop on Oct 27 and in the lead up they’ve released a classic top-down adventure mobile game for Android and Apple.

The game looks to be set between seasons 1 & 2 of the show as we know the kids are in Halloween costumes at one point in the trailer and the game is taking place before Halloween. But whether or not anything in the game has any bearing on the plot of the show is up for debate at this point.

You start the game as Hopper and over the course of adventuring through multiple dungeons (which include the middle school, library and a sewer) you encounter the rest of the cast. Some of the characters are NPCs and some are playable characters. In an interesting twist instead of collecting new weapons as you would in Zelda you just add new members to your party, each of which has their own specific skill or weapon to use. And you just switch between characters to utilize those skills and weapons. I for one, use Nancy the most due to her bat which has upgrades more readily available.

Each dungeon has a VHS tape and an Eggo to find. If you find all the Eggos you unlock Eleven (complete with mind blasts and teleporting) if you find all the VHS tapes you unlock a trailer for season 2. There’s also an additional blacked out character on the roster that says it will not be available until season 2 is released.  I assume this is actually a spoiler for the show but I can’t be certain.

Most games based on a TV show or a movie are inherently pretty terrible but this one actually isn’t too bad. It’s not the first game to utilize the top down format, and it’s not the best game to utilize that format but it is a nice little adventure with some interesting puzzles to solve and some pretty cool graphics set in just the right time period.  

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