Voltron Season 4 Review

Seasons 3 and 4 were technically written as a single 13 episode season and then it was split in half upon Netflix’s request. The producers of the show had said that there was a logical break between episode 7 and 8 of the original season that would allow for a natural split.  Seeing as how episode 1 of season 4 (originally episode 8 of season 3) picks up a few months later this pretty much works.

We find Keith running with the Blade of Marmora while shirking some of his Voltron responsibilities.   This inevitably leads to a moment where all the lions are needed, Keith is not present and Shiro is once again able to pilot Black.  I was honestly shocked to see Keith essentially leave the team to join the Blade, but I don’t imagine it will be a long-lived situation.

I wouldn’t have guessed after the shuffling of pilots and Galra leadership in season 3 that we would see so much back to normal by the end of season 4.  Zarkon is back in charge sporting a sweet Iron Man/Darth Vader life support suit.  And Shiro is leading Voltron, though Lance is still in Red and Alura is piloting Blue.

Lotor continues to impress me and I feel like he makes for a more interesting villain than Zarkon does.  He’s clever, strategic and he seems to always be 2 moves ahead.  He does reference his mother in this season, but whether he knows Haggar is his mother transformed is unclear at this time.  They don’t act like mother and son, but then again Zarkon is trying to kill him… Galra’s are strange. I’m sure his turn to the light side will be short-lived and his alliance with Voltron is probably just a means to an end.

Overall I felt the season was good. We got some good moments with Keith and the Blade, Pidge and her search for her brother Matt and then another big showdown against the Galra Empire. However, the whole season felt rushed and not just because it’s only 6 episodes long. I felt like the whole “let’s do a big attack” scenario happened a little too quickly, especially considering there was a filler episode in there where they basically did “Voltron USO Shows”. But that being said even a mediocre season of Voltron is still better than a lot of stuff on TV.

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