Batman vs Two Face Review

For anyone who watched and loved the 1960’s campy classic this latest DVD release should be just what you need.  While most of us would agree Adam West’s portrayal of Batman may not be “the best” live action version, it definitely holds a place in many hearts.  Personally, I am just old enough to have been exposed to this version before Michael Keaton came on the scene.

Two Face has always been my favorite villain and the fact that he was not included in the original show always bummed me out as a kid. I suspect it had more to do with creating a convincing makeup more than anything else.  But thanks to the wonders of animation we can now see Two Face inhabit the zany world of Adam West’s Batman, and put William Shatner in the role as a bonus.  

The Harvey Dent/Two Face character model looks to be based ,at least partially, on a young William Shatner.  And Shatner’s sometimes hammy delivery style feels totally at home within this environment.  Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Newmar reprise their roles as Batman, Robin and Catwoman while new voice actors come in to fill the Joker, Penguin and Riddler’s shoes.  While almost all the voices sound a bit off, either due to age of the actor or the fact that it’s a new actor altogether, the show itself totally works.  

This really feels like a love letter to the original show. At one moment it is just as strange as the original  and then in the next moment totally self aware, which is even better. And it’s all here; we have the vertical wall climbing, the Batman slapping Robin meme, elaborate traps and of course the altogether absurd abuse of alliteration.

For anyone who grew up on the original series or can at least appreciate this specific take on the characters I would consider it a must see.  I’m just glad Adam West was able to put on the Batsuit for us one more time.  Farewell old chum.

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