Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Episodes 11-13 AKA “Old Man Raph”

I’d fallen behind on the Turtles episodes in recent weeks and sat down to watch a few today.  How I missed that they were doing a multipart post apocalyptic future story is totally beyond me, but boy was I not disappointed with these episodes!

The episode begins with Raphael narrating the events leading up to now.  A mutagen bomb went off, killing or mutating all humans. We see that he and Donatello are the only surviving brothers.  Though they didn’t come out of the event completely unscathed, Raph is weary and scarred while Donnie’s body was destroyed and transferred into a robot.  

The story, visuals and characters are all obviously super influenced by “Mad Max”. But there’s also elements of “Waterworld” and “Old Man Logan”.  I would even argue that Raph’s design is at least partially based on Frank Miller’s “Dark Knight Returns” Batman with his square, broad figure.  

The first episode of the three is in my opinion the most solid, it sets the tone nicely for this new world.  The second episode has a few too many jokes which is usually fine, but in this environment it seems out of place.  And the third episode seems too rushed and could have possibly used another 30 minutes to truly reach a quality ending and let things “breathe”.  

This final season has been interesting as there hasn’t been an overall arc and each episode/episodes are pretty much self-contained stories. When I heard this would be the final year  I felt that  it was time and that this version had pretty much run its course. But after seeing some of the episodes this year I feel like the creative team still had plenty of stories left to tell and now I’m a little sad that this is the last season. 

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