“The Last Jedi” trailer, Yeah I Watched It

When the director of the movie comes out and says “don’t watch the trailer there are spoilers” I take that seriously. When they then come out and say “that was a misunderstanding, you can’t go into the movie 100% fresh having seen the trailer”, I break down and watch the trailer.

To be fair I was REALLY not going to watch the trailer. I hate spoilers, so if I could actively avoid it I was going to do just that.  Even after I saw my friends and other bloggers saying “the trailer is amazing”, “you have to see it”, “goosebumps”, etc;  I still said “nope not going to watch it”.  However the minute the director comes out and says no go ahead and watch it you’re not going to ruin it, I watch it five times in quick succession.

So for anyone who hasn’t seen it I’m not going to spoil any potential plot points in here. But honestly I think the trailer is cut in a way that hints at things that probably won’t even come to pass in the movie.  That being said; seeing Rey display some raw power, Luke back on the scene, the new ships/vehicles, the new creatures and Snoke in the flesh was pretty awesome!  

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