Newest Justice League Trailer Doesn’t do Much for Me

The newest Justice League trailer came out Sunday and after watching it a few times my opinion on the movie has not really changed.  My initial, and current, opinion of the movie is that it will hopefully be entertaining but wont do much in terms of building interesting characters and relationships and lots of stuff will blow up.  

Given the fact that most of the characters are completely unknown to the audience we either have to spend a huge chunk of the movie introducing everyone and how they interact or we skip all that and go right to stuff blowing up.  With how big this movie seems my guess is we’re going to do the latter. 

I still feel in my gut that DC would have been smart and gone the Marvel route of introducing most of the characters in stand alone movies first then bringing them together.  On one hand I feel like they did the opposite of Marvel because they NEEDED to do the opposite of Marvel for appearance sake.  On the other hand I’d liked to think they know what they’re doing and this is a master plan.  But seeing how they gave us a killer Superman, killer Batman, ridiculous Doomsday, the Harley Quinn movie featuring the Suicide Squad and the “Martha” moment; my faith isn’t as rock solid as it could be.  

My other feeling after watching this trailer is that it doesn’t really inspire me to even go see it.  I assume from previous outings that Batman and Wonder Woman will be well done, Flash will be funny because he’s goofy, Aquaman will be funny because he’s cool and Cyborg is there too… contributing something.  

Now that being said, of course I will go see it.  After all I’ve seen all the live-action Transformers movies for god sakes.  

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