Marvel’s Spider-Man Continues to Impress

At this point we have seen the first 11 episodes of the new series and while they’re not all A+ episodes the seeds of a great show are definitely there.  They seem to be moving in a more slightly more mature direction while still being built for a young audience, which is obviously their bread and butter.  

The character models are growing on me more everyday and I look forward to see other classic characters reimagined with this new style.  So far Iron man and black suit Spidey are some of the standout designs, while Rhino was definitely a “meh”.  

I really like the way that not every storyline is brought up and resolved within a 30 minute episode, which to me is a great step in the storytelling for the show.  We have the Jackal running through multiple episodes, Norman Osborn pulling the strings behind the scenes, the Rhino’s origin beginning as a singular moment in one episode and was paid off in the next, and obviously the symbiote is a multi-part story (though this is typical of past shows as well).  

But these improvements in mature storytelling don’t come with a complete lack of comedy.  You still get your funny moments but they dont feel forced, they’re not overly goofy and there’s no chimpanzee noises (always a bonus).  

My only real complaint thus far is that things seem to be moving too quickly.  Peter has already encountered the symbiote and really only wears the black suit for one full episode.  And we already have Miles Morales as the second Spider-Man. Personally I would have liked to see no black suit for the entire first season and then multiple episodes in a later season with the symbiote slowly gaining control of him.  But of course everyone is always eager to get Venom in a show.  As for Miles, I didn’t mind that he was included in the story but I really didn’t expect him to become Spider-Man this early on. But I will give the show credit for not introducing him and turning him into the second Spider-Man in the same 30 minutes.

While I can’t give the show the same amount of praise as Spectacular Spider-Man it is leaps and bounds ahead of Ultimate, especially this early in it’s run.  

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