John Cena as Captain Marvel?

Okay first things first, we’re not talking about the Brie Larson character in the upcoming Marvel movies we’re talking about the DC owned character who is also slated to have his own movie in the coming years.  So while The Rock being cast as Black Adam (Captain Marvel’s foe) was met with a majority of praise the idea of John Cena taking on the Captain Marvel role seems to have a lot more detractors.  

On the surface The Rock does naturally look more like Black Adam then Cena looks like Captain Marvel.  And I would also argue that The Rock is a better actor at this point in his career than John Cena.  

But the deal with Captain Marvel is that he is a child who becomes a huge superhero with the use of a magic word.  He is typically shown as being very naive, boyish and a little cheesy/goofy.  And I don’t see why Cena couldn’t play that part.  Is he huge? Yes. Does he have a big square jaw? Yes. Can he portray a wholesome Boy Scout? Yes. 

It’s not like we’re being asked to believe he’s a scientist or an inventor or something. As long as he can pull off longer, dark hair and a cape I don’t see why he couldn’t be at least considered for the role.

Plus how cool would it be to see a cinematic, CGI heavy fight with The Rock versus John Cena? As long as they don’t cast Hulk Hogan as the wizard Shazam I’m willing to consider it.

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