Marvel’s Spider-Man Premiers

The first two episodes of the new Spider-Man series were released last weekend and they show great potential.  This isn’t “Spider-Man: Year One” this is “Spider-Man: Day One”, and we get to see him as he works the kinks out of his gear (sometimes on the fly).  Peter sometimes comes off a little “overly nerdy” and annoying but he seems to be toned down at least a little bit from the origin shorts, which was painful at times.

We knew from the earlier trailers that he was going to start with a homemade costume and obviously end up in the classic suit but how that was going to happen still remained a bit of a mystery. I liked that after his first battle he had to actually sew back up the chest of his homemade suit and I wondered if the suit would have to be pretty much completely destroyed before he would make his classic costume.  It turns out I was wrong and he ends up in the classic red and blue by the end of episode two.  Even though we know hes a genius, the idea that he has access to Horizon High’s advanced technology helped make the idea of him building a suit with tech goggles and new web shooters more reasonable.

For the most part of the character designs are great. I like the look of the villains thus far, they seem to take elements of the original comics, the Ultimate comics, and previous shows and combine them into a new look.  I thought the Vulture had a very cool look and the sonic weapon was a cool touch (like the Ultimate show), Scorpion was a little closer to his comic book look but the sharp teeth were kinda weird and the Spider-slayer was a little “meh” overall, hopefully will see more versions of them later on.

I like the inclusion of Patton Oswalt as a voice actor but just don’t see him as Uncle Ben. I know Oswalt is a super nerd and I like a lot of his comedy but his voice would be much better suited to someone like Doc Ock in my opinion.  Also, why does Doc Ock look exactly like me?!

At the moment the show sits somewhere between the greatness of Spectacular Spider-Man and the blah of Ultimate Spider-Man in terms of animation, writing and character designs.  Hopefully it continues to make Spidey a decent cartoon again.

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