American Horror Story Cult – Opening Revealed 

Last season American Horror Story decided to remove their opening sequence, a part of the show that has become synonymous with the brand.  Since they decided to go in such a different direction with the show last season it made sense. But luckily this year they’re back to their standard, weird opening.

Up until now the teasers have been predominantly clowns and bees.  The opening continues those themes and adds a ton of American imagery as well, which makes sense given we know this season will be at least in some part about the 2016 election.  We get shots of American flags, founding fathers, masks of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and an opening theme that has a much more patriotic, almost “anthem like” feel with the classic, creepy AHS music behind it.

I wouldn’t call it the creepiest opening we’ve seen for a season, but it definitely makes the top three for me.

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