Green Lantern gets the Earth One Treatment

DC has been creating comics for the last few years dubbed “Earth One” where characters are given modern origin stories and freed up from their decades of continuity.  This is similar to the Marvel “Ultimate” line in concept but not in structure (most Ultimate books ran monthly while these are all miniseries).  Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman have already been featured in this new universe and it looks like it’s time for Green Lantern to make his entrance.

While we don’t have a lot of details yet we do know that Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern most of us are familiar with, is getting a character change.  He is no longer a cocky test pilot but instead an astronaut who finds the ring on a mission surveying asteroids.  We also know that the Lantern Corps no longer exist and were wiped out by the Manhunters some time in the past.  To me his character sounds a bit more like John Stewart (who was the most intellectual of the Lanterns) and his mission sounds like the beginning of Kyle Rayner’s story as a Green Lantern (as he was the only Lantern around for some time).

Green Lantern Earth One Vol 1 is set for a release date of March 2018


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