Top 5 Characters in Injustice 2

With more DLC characters being added I decided to run down my short list of favorites so far.  Most of them are new to the series this year.

5  Batman  Of course he makes it on the list because “Batman”.  But in all honesty he is one of the best characters to play if you can master all his combos and learn to utilize them as he excels in both close and ranged attacks.

4  Darkseid  How can you go wrong with Omega Beams that can hit people from any angle?  Additionally he’s one of the hardest hitting characters, the only reason he isn’t higher on the list is his speed makes him a hard character for me to play.

3  Dr. Fate  He is able to hit from multiple angles, he can prevent environmental attacks and he has unblockable moves.  Like some of my other favorites I used him primarily at range since his defense is low.

2  Flash  I like quick characters as a rule, and there’s no one quicker than the Flash.  He has some nice combos and his super move is the most damaging in the game.  I feel almost untouchable as Flash.

1  Deadshot  He is new to the series and “my guy” for a quick play.  His combos are super easy to do and his ranged attacks can keep enemies at a distance or keep them pinned down.  He’s not bad at close quarters fighting either but I tend to play from a distance.

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