Captain Marvel and the Skrulls

The first images for Captain Marvel were released recently and they include not only our first looks at Carol Danvers as the title character but her opponents in the the upcoming film.  After 10 years of Marvel movies it looks like we are getting some good old fashioned shape-shifting Skrulls.  I originally believed the Skrulls were off limits, like some other Fantastic Four characters owned by Fox.  But it turns out the alien race itself is ok to use at Marvel Studios but certain characters within the race (most definitely the Super Skrull) are currently owned by Fox.

Since the release of the images we have gotten a few more pieces of information.  The movie is set in the 1990’s in a “post-Captain America” and “pre-Iron Man” world.  This is a world we haven’t really seen much of, with the exceptions of flashbacks in Civil War and Ant-Man being in the 80’s.  Also, we will see Captain Marvel along with a younger and “un-patched” Nick Fury.  How big of a role Fury has is still anyone’s guess.  Samuel L. Jackson is supposedly playing the role, so will they do the “de-aging magic” like they did to Michael Douglas, Robert Downey Jr and Kurt Russell?  Or will it just be a 2 eyed Jackson with some hair or something?  And lastly, it looks like this will be the movie version of the Kree-Skrull War from the 70s comics.  So we should see Mar-vell in this story as well.

Setting the movie in an earlier time does a couple interesting things for the continuing MCU.  It gives a likely explanation for the Kree corpse in Agents of Shield.  It allows Captain Marvel to stand on her own without a ton of supporting heroes eating up screen time (much like Wonder Woman did with its period piece).  And lastly it sets up a possibility that the Skrulls infiltrated Earth in the 90’s, or before, and have been here biding their time for a “Secret Invasion”.  The one problem it creates is where is she now?  If she becomes a superhero in the 90’s where was she during the last 20+ years.  I assume she will either be exploring/lost in space after the events of the movie, but I could be wrong.

The Skrulls are coming!  Or are they already here?!



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