Netflix buys Millarworld

Netflix has just acquired Millarworld from comic creator Mark Millar.  If you’re unfamiliar with Millar he’s penned The Ultimates, Civil War and Old Man Logan to name a few.  Some of his original properties include; Kick-ass, Kingsman and Wanted.  All of which have already been given the big-screen treatment, but due to licensing only Wanted would currently be an available property.  In addition to the listed series he has about 18 total different original properties under the Millarworld banner.

I would assume Netflix has a “new comic universe” concept in their sights.  Personally, I’d love to see an original series based on Nemesis or Superior, or even a more comic accurate Wanted.   And given the cost to success ratio of their Marvel shows that seems highly likely.  There’s also been talk of feature films and possibly even animation.  But we’ll have to wait and see which properties they decide to bring forward and in what capacity.

Stay tuned …and stay subscribed to Netflix.

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