First Look – Brolin As Cable, OH YEAH!!

The first image of Josh Brolin as Cable, costarring in the upcoming Deadpool sequel, has been released and it looks amazing!  Ryan Reynolds (aka Deadpool) posted the pics on Twitter earlier today.  Seeing recent pictures of Brolin I felt fairly confident in the overall look; his hair, eyebrow and physique all looked pretty much on point.  Now we have the first image of him sporting the scars, bionic eye and arm.  As far as I’m concerned it’s a home run.

I’ve seen a little bit of backlash on his hair saying it’s not “military” enough and looks more like a 1920’s gangster.  I can definitely see the argument but he’s a soldier from the future, who knows what kind of haircut will be standard issue then.

The close up gives us a better view of his scars and bionic eye.  I expected them to just go with the “star scar” he has in the comics, but I’m actually glad they went with a more realistic design.  The bionic eye looks great and not at all overkill.  I’m also really glad to see they didn’t go with a half metal face, I feel like that would have been extra CGI just for the sake of it.

The upper body shot shows us Cable’s full soldier gear and his bionic neck and arm.  His neck is more inline with the design we typically see in the comics while the arm has more of a general “robot look” that still really works. Along with the big ass gun, grenades and ammo he also has a teddy bear on his belt. Could this have something to do with Hope, the baby he protected in the comics?

While Brolin is not an EXACT copy of the comic version he is exceptionally close and totally fits both the character and the real world environment.  After some so-so feelings with the Domino reveal I think most fans are now back on board the Deadpool train.

brolin cable face

brolin cable body


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