American Horror Story Cult, Who’s the Queen Bee?

Clowns have featured prominently in the lead up to the new season.  But so far every teaser for the upcoming season has included some reference to bees. Whether that is overtly with bees and honey or more subtly with the six-sided honeycomb pattern in a lot of the clown promos.

The teasers for each season are always very cryptic but there is definitely a theme of “sameness” and “belonging” within the bulk of these teasers and images.  Given the title of this season is “Cult” it makes sense to use a bee motif as you will likely have a single individual calling the shots and the “workers” carrying out tasks.  But the question remains “who will be the queen bee?”  We know Kathy Bates is not going to be a part of the cast this year but could it be Sarah Paulson, Emma Roberts, Lena Dunham, Billie Lourd, or am I sexist in assuming the Queen must be a woman at all?

The new season debuts on September 5th.  But I’m sure all our questions won’t be answered until the finale, if at all.


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