Domino is Cast, World Explodes

We have our first look at Zazie Beetz as Domino in the upcoming Deadpool sequel and the world has officially exploded!  Half the comments are saying she looks nothing like the character and the other half seem to think you’re a racist if you say that.

The character is named “Domino” in part because she is white with a black spot on her eye and in part because she can alter probability and cause a “domino effect”.  Now saying she is “white” doesn’t mean Caucasian, I mean she is chalk white.  So saying she doesn’t look like Domino is a fair argument.  But at the same time having more characters of color is always welcome to help diversify the predominantly white comic world.   I also like the way they went with a real-world reason (vitiligo) for the marking, rather than “she has a spot on her eye”.


The reality is some people who complain about the casting are just super fans who were equally mad when Bumblebee wasn’t a Volkswagen in the Transformers movies.  This is especially true after we had an extremely comic accurate Deadpool in the first film and Cable looks to be following suit.  Still others are honestly racist and/or don’t understand that most comic characters are white and that really doesn’t reflect the world we live in.  Some characters are so ingrained in the culture that you can’t really alter them (imagine a blonde Superman for a second) but most secondary characters are totally up for reimagining.  I tend to stay on the side of Beetz as Domino even though there are some issues with the appearance.  Although shouldn’t her eyebrow be altered too?

At the end of the day as long as the writing is good and she embodies the character I’m willing to give her a shot.


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