Voltron Season 3 Breakdown

Some of these comments are minor bits and some are major plot points, so obviously be aware there will be spoilers.

In the beginning of season 1 it was heavily emphasized that the lions pick their paladins.  So even though we had seen Keith pilot the Black Lion before I was curious how they were going to handle the other lion swapping. I think they did a really interesting job with Lance moving to the Red Lion when they explained that the Red Lion is literally the “right hand” of the leader and only after Lance stood by Keith was he ready.  But I feel like Allura piloting the blue lion is explained because “Allura is supposed to pilot the Blue Lion”.

We also see most of the paladins get new bayards.  Before the season started I wasn’t sure if we would see everyone keep their original color, or if the color and the weapon were tied together, or if we could swap colors and people would still keep their desired weapon.  Now we know the bayard has to match the lion not the paladin. I had already assumed that would be the case since they are essentially keys for the lions, but I wasn’t 100 percent on it. We now have Keith with a black sword, Lance with a red rifle and Allura has a blue laser whip (like one of the weapons Zarkon made with his bayard).

Lotor replaces Zarkon as the big bad of the season and I think making him so different from Zarkon was a smart move.  Even well written shows can get stale with the same type of villain every episode.  So they have made him almost a polar opposite of his father.  Zarkon used his bond with the Black Lion, Haggar’s magic and his own extreme power to fight Voltron.  Lotor is much more strategic and precise with his actions and clearly has the mind of a strategist and some double dealing to go along with it.  Also his physical appearance is so dramatically different than his father.

I had already considered Lotor was maybe only half Galra because of his appearance.  And after we find out that Haggar is not only Altean but Zarkon’s wife, it seems pretty likely that he is only half Galra and she is his mother.  I always felt like the original series hinted at more to their relationship, but now it looks to be confirmed.

The creators of this series have said they want to make this show the Voltron you remember and i think they generally accomplish that.  Although the style and tone is a little darker than the original.   I especially liked the little call backs to the original series in these episodes.  The gift from Zarkon that looked an awful lot like Lotor’s original helmet was cool.  When the team traveled to the alternate reality and meet Shiro’s doppelganger named “Sven” I smiled.  When he gets shot and needs to go to “space hospital” I laughed out loud.

And one last thing about Shiro.  Is he the original that was somehow teleported away at the end of the season 2 finale or a clone?  We know the Black Lion has teleporting abilities so it’s possible.  But Shiro also sees a copy of himself in the Galra lab, so we can’t rule out a clone either.

But IF he is a clone how does he have all the memories with the original team?  As far as I’m concerned the only way he could have the memories and still be a clone would be if the real Shiro is actually being held by the Galra but this clone was implanted with all of his memories before release.  As he escapes a Galra says “Operation Kuron stage 3 is underway” so we know it’s all part of some larger plan.

Unfortunately we’ll have to wait until mid-October for new episodes and any possibe answers.


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