New Spider-Man Animated Series is Looking Better and Better

Disney XD has released a six part series of shorts retelling Spidey’s origin.  The first part was released a month ago but the remaining pieces have all been released in the last few days giving us essentially a 30 minute episode.  I had commented on part one previously and said it did look promising but I think the remaining shorts have been much stronger.

The first short was basically just dialog and some attempts at witty science banter, which largely failed.  The remaining parts have some nice action pieces and the comedic element seems to be bumped up a notch as well.  I wonder if the luke warm fan reaction from part one and the other teaser caused them to rework parts of the remaining shorts and that’s why it took a month to see the rest?

The action scenes are really nice and fluid, especially in the fight with Bonesaw.  And we get to see a much more intense Spider-Man when he confronts Uncle Ben’s killer.  I was actually surprised they went that extreme with that scene, but really enjoyed it.

Of course there is nothing “new” story wise in the shorts that we haven’t seen in every other version of Spider-Man’s origin.  But it is a nice showcase of the animation and writing.  I’m not sure if this is actually the first episode broken into chunks or if the show will just hit the ground running with Peter Parker already as Spider-Man.

The new Spidey show is set to premier in mid August on Disney XD.


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