Keith David joins New Warrior’s Cast

Keith David has been cast as Ernest Vigman in the new series.  His character is describbed as “a caustic municipal employee who butts up against the hopeful energy of the New Warriors”.  David has had a literal ton of different roles over the last 30+ plus years including voice acting work in quite a few animated series/movies.

But when I read that he was going to play the “wet blanket” to the New Warriors I immediately thought of the character he played in “Men At Work”.  If you haven’t seen that movie you’re probably not alone.  In it he plays a supervisor assigned to basically rain on the parade of two garbage men who are having too much fun at work only to eventually get wrapped up in the whole plot and become part of the team.  I wonder if something similar will happen with this series or if you’ll continue to just be the buzzkill.

Either way, having a established character actor like Keith David onboard definitely bodes well for the new series.  “New Warriors” is set to premiere on Freeform (formerly ABC Family) in 2018.

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