Why Voltron Season 3 is so Short

The third season of Voltron is nearly here (Aug 4th to be exact) and I am super excited.  I was even more excited when I heard season 4 would be coming out this October!  Of course all that excited quickly waned when I realized season 3 was seven episodes and season 4 was only six!

For those keeping score at home that equals 13 episodes for this year, aka ONE season.  According to Lauren Montgomery, a co-executive producer, the original season was 13 episodes long but Netflix wanted to split it up to give viewers “more episodes more often”.  Obviously 13 episodes is 13 episodes whether its all dropped at once or a week at a time.  Montgomery said that even though the season was built as 13 episodes (and then Netflix ordered it split up) there was a semi-natural split between 7 and 8 so at least they don’t leave us on a big cliffhanger til October.

My thinking is that Voltron is a hit for Netflix but once that initial season drop happens they lose some momentum and want to drag that out as long as they can.  Could this be a sign of things to come?  Will we see an end to binge watching whole seasons as Netflix moves other shows to something between weekly episodes and full seasons?

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