Spawn is Not the Star of Upcoming Movie 

The Spawn movie was only just announced so any and all information is of course subject to change as production moves forward.  However, according to new report Twitch Williams(a cop from the comic) will be the main character in the upcoming movie with Spawn serving as a secondary role.  No word yet whether Twitch’s partner Sam will be involved in the film.

Initially this seemed like a weird move but if they do want to create more of a dark/horror tone then you can’t follow “the monster” for the whole 2 hours.  We can see this more grounded movie where the cops investigate a series of murders that Spawn is committing.  There are examples of this sort of format in both the comics and the earlier animated version of Spawn, so we know it can work.  Besides King Kong, Godzilla, Jaws, etc don’t have the most screen time but are ultimately the most important part of the film.

What do you think about this news? Would you rather keep Spawn dark and mysterious or have him front and center in the upcoming movie?

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