Some People Think it Wasn’t Superman at the End of Justice League Trailer?

The new Justice League trailer comes out. Everyone agrees it looks pretty awesome.  Everyone agrees it’s Superman who shows up at the end with Alfred, right?

Apparently not. I have now seen a handful of Facebook posts and articles questioning whether it is in fact Superman or Green Lantern at the end of the trailer.  To me it was pretty cut-and-dry. The trailer talks about a “world without hope” following Superman’s death, his shield stands for “hope”, Alfred says “let’s you’re not too late” to the mystery visitor, and it appears to be a red shoulder in the bottom corner of the frame when Alfred is speaking.

None of this screams “Green Lantern” to me, although I would love to see GL back in action.  I think this is just a lot if wishful thinking on the part of Lantern fans.   We know Superman is in the movie, and no Green Lantern casting has been announced yet, so unless the studio is pulling the biggest misdirect ever it is clearly Superman as the person with Alfred.  Or am I really misreading this?

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