Flashpoint Movie Thoughts

We now have more news about the upcoming DC movie projects including the title of the Flash solo film, “Flashpoint”.  For those of you not familiar with the Flashpoint story from the comics it involves Flash going back in time to save his mother and then returning to a world that has been changed by his actions.  Think “Back to the Future”, or basically any other time travel movie for that matter.  In this new reality Flash is powerless, Bruce’s father is Batman (Bruce was killed in the alley), Superman seemingly doesn’t exist, etc.  Of course at the end of the day most everything is restored to it’s original state with some minor tweaks still present.  The story has proven to be a hit with fans as the comic was only released in 2011 and has already seen a animated movie version and the third season of The Flash TV series was inspired by the story as well.

But does that mean it’s a good idea for the movie universe?  My initial reaction is, “no”.  The DC movie universe is brand new (especially compared with the 70+ years of history some of the comic characters have) so to have a movie that takes characters that don’t have a lot of established back story and then rewrite their history won’t carry the same weight.  Will fans be as shocked to see Aquaman and Wonder Woman leading armies against each other when they’ve only been introduced to them a story or two ago?  Will the replacement of a Batman who kills (Thomas Wayne) be that much of a shock to fans when our Batman just finally calmed down?

Speaking of Batman.  It had been rumored that Ben Affleck and/or Warner Bros were looking to replace the caped crusader already.  While technically it should be the same actor playing Bruce Wayne before and after Flashpoint (with Jeffrey Dean Morgan possibly playing Thomas Wayne’s Batman in the middle) it would give the studio a reasonable defense to justify a recasting.  And it might also allow them to tweak some of the established elements that haven’t quite worked in the universe so far.  However, Affleck has denied there is any truth to the replacement rumors and said at San Diego Comic-Con, “I’d love to do it as long as they’ll have me.”

Most kids won’t understand what’s going on anyway (but let’s be honest I don’t think they get half of the movie as it is and just wait for a goofy moment or a fight) and most adults are either coming in as chaperones for the kids or as fans of mainly just the movies and not the comics that inspire them.  The odds are only a small percent of the movie audience is going to really appreciate the significance of some of the history rewrites.  That being said, it would be pretty interesting to see Atlanteans vs Amazons, Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Batman and Lauren Cohan as the Joker for one movie.

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