The Tick, Season 1 is Coming

The Tick is the crazy brainchild of Ben Edlund and was created in 1986 as a comic newsletter mascot.  He has gone on to have a comic series, cartoon, video game and live action TV show.  Now the second live action adaptation is on its way.

This new series ftom Amazon takes a darker, and mildly more grounded, spin on the characters.  The pilot plays out closer to a Marvel Netflix series then the old series or animated show.  Although there are still moments of “WTF” mainly from the Tick’s monologues, the show definitely takes a crack at the more realistic world of superhero films/series which is in style now.  Arthur, the Tick’s sidekick, is shown to have a history of mental health issues after his father was killed and the Tick himself comes off as unhinged at times and not just “goofy”.  We also see excessive gun play, explosions, death, and “weaponized syphilis” all in the pilot episode.  And the trailer for the full season seems to confirm more of the same is on the way.

The only big difference I see between the pilot from last year and the trailer for the full season is The Tick’s costume.  While the costume itself is always going to be fairly ridiculous, it’s a full-body blue suit with antennas, the pilot tried to make it fit in with the real world as much as possible.  I saw a lot of comments about the suit saying it was too textured, too different and too creepy.  So it looks like they made some changes to the suit for the full series and now sits somewhere between the pilot’s “creepy suit” and the suit worn in the original live-action show by Patrick Warburton in the Fox series.  I for one think this is probably a good place to live.

Regardless of the suit, as long as the writing and story stay close to the pilot episode, and Amazon devotes enough resources for some good effects I’m in for the long haul.   The full first season will be available August 25th.


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