Why The Hulk is so Chatty in “Ragnarok”

When I saw the new Thor Ragnarok trailer my first reaction was, “this looks fantastic!”.  However, that was followed shortly by, “why is Hulk so vocal?”

Now we have an answer.  According to the director, Taika Waititi, Hulk hasn’t reverted to Banner since we last saw him.  So this means he’s spent the last few years in control and the argument could be made that he has been able to grow and mature since he’s spent so much time “out”.  This mimics the “Planet Hulk” story line in the comics (which is also where a lot of the gladiator elements come from) where we see a much more intelligent Hulk who is able to actual coordinate and lead others in battle.

Waititi has gone on to say he wants to play with the duality of the character and that sometimes Hulk may have a bit of Banner in his personality and sometimes Banner may show a bit of Hulk.  I wonder if the new Hulk model was made to look a bit more like Mark Ruffalo for this reason?

While I  do like the idea of a mildly intelligent Hulk and I think it will help his character in the long run, I still can’t get my head around the idea of him specifying “smoldering fire” vs “”raging fire”.  It just seems a little go eloquent for my taste.  Although he does always refer to himself in third person, so that’s a plus.

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