SDCC Infinity War Footage is Still Online, in an Odd Location

For those of us who didn’t attend San Diego Comic-Con this year we’ve only had written accounts of some of the trailers that were released, most notably among them was the Avengers Infinity War trailer.  Well a friend of mine told me that he found the Comic-Con footage on Pornhub of all places.

“How” and “why” he came across it are questions I won’t speculate on.  The important thing is you can see at least two different audience members views of the trailer on the site at the moment.  On is better quality video but the angle is terrible, the other is a better shot of the screen with lower grade video.  Combine them both for the best overall of the action, I did.  If you search for “SDCC” you should only get the trailer as results, I searched “avengers” first and it gave me a whole number of interesting results along with the trailer.

Obviously the entire site is NSFW and even a surgically strategic search is still going to leave you with banners and other elements that you may find offensive.  Proceed with whatever level of caution you feel necessary.

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