Batman White Knight

There is a new miniseries on the horizon which will cast Batman as the villain and the Joker as the hero.  This new story is written and drawn by Sean Murphy.  The story will have the Joker cured of his insanity and running for political office.  Seeing Gotham with a clear head he realizes that Batman is the biggest threat to the city, and the reason for the super villain presence, and sets out to save the city from him.  The premise is very interesting and the art I’ve seen so far looks great!

My initial though was “how can the Joker, even a reformed Joker, get into the good graces of Gotham after his history?” It seems completely bonkers, but when you look at some of the influential people in society it’s not always about being good, smart or even sane;  it’s about being able to work a crowd.  The Joker is dangerously smart and charismatic, he seems like the kind of guy who could ingratiate himself back into society.  Though it’s still a leap.

I’m very much looking forward to see what they do with this series and how they make it work.  The first issue goes on sale in October.

white 3

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