Resident Evil Vendetta… It’s Watchable

The newest CGI Resident Evil movie was just released and being a fan of the games, zombies and animation I had to check it out.  I didn’t read any plot synopsis before watching the movie; as I said it’s Resident Evil, zombies and animation so “lets go”.  I won’t give out any spoilers in this section, I’ll save that for the end.

The movie starts with a short clip of Leon Kennedy, then to a small tactical team (including Chris Redfield) being dropped off at a mansion in Mexico.  The house’s floor plan bares a pretty striking resemblance to the mansion in the first game, which I thought was a nice touch for the fans.  The mansion sequence manages to create a nice creepy atmosphere and there were actually a couple little scares.  Since I went into the movie blind I was really hoping that the whole story was going to be in and around this mansion in the middle of nowhere and really use that “survival horror” setup from the early games. Unfortunately, it quickly falls into the familiarity of both the live-action and CGI films and becomes a big, noisy action movie.  There’s a particular sequence involving a motorcycle that feels more like The Fast and the Furious than anything.

The character models are very nice and the animation is smooth for the most part.  Although having a little more “life” in the facial animation would’ve been nice, sometimes the only way to tell the heroes from the undead is the warm skin tones.  And the story itself is pretty familiar, there’s a bioweapon that only they can stop.  Wash, rinse, repeat.  That’s not to say that the live-action movies are any better written.  I’m pretty sure the worst game in the series is still better than the best of the movies.

Overall, it’s a decent movie with some cool design elements and effects.  Go in, turn off your brain for an hour and a half, and have some fun.






So for those who have already seen it, I have some questions/gripes

  1. How did Rebecca  know that she needed the vaccine she had just created when gas floods her lab?  The audience sees who is pumping the gas, but how does she know “oh, that’s definitely zombie gas”?
  2. Is Arias enhanced or not?  He’s older than Chris and works him over a couple times, then he falls like 1000 stories and literally splats on the concrete but is still alive to bond with Diego.
  3. If Jill Valentine is the “master of unlocking” is Leon now the “master of all things motorcycle”?
  4. Why use zombie dogs for that chase scene?  If you made a new dog/mutant thing and said it can run over 60 mph I’d say ok.  But don’t tell me an old, rotted animal with bones sticking out can make that kind of speed.  Maybe this was just a fan shout out, plus by this point most people aren’t worrying about logic anyway.

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