More Comic-Con Trailer Breakdowns

San Diego Comic-Con is, as always, a geek extravaganza of upcoming properties!  This year we have new trailers for Justice League, Thor Ragnarok, Stranger Things season 2 and Death Note among many others.


Justice League

The trailer looks amazing and the color of the film looks closer to the tones of Wonder Woman than the bleak look of Zach Snyder’s previous DC work.  We get our first look at Steppenwolf as he arrives on Themyscira where a mother box sits, for unknown reasons.  And we get what I assume is his voice speak about “no Lanterns, no Kryptonian”.  The voice is super menacing, and if that’s how Steppenwolf sounds I can’t imagine how awesome Darkseid is going to be.  We get some nice action sequences from everyone and Flash cements himself as the comic relief of the movie.  And of course that last few seconds hint at Superman’s return.   The movie is looking better all the time!


Thor Ragnarok

For a movie called “Ragnarok”, which is the Asgard end of the world, and starring the goddess of death this movie just seems so much more fun and happy than the previous Thor solo movies.  It appears to start with Thor addressing the audience, like the first trailer, but then you realize he’s breaking it down to Hulk in the arena.  This movie has been described as a “buddy movie in space” and that really comes across between Thor and Banner.  The world of the Grandmaster is borderline day-glo and looks like it came right off the page of Jack Kirby.   The Hulk model looks even better than before and is clearly Mark Ruffalo, though I don’t like a Hulk that is eloquent enough to call Thor a “smoldering fire” compared to his own “raging fire”.  Then of course there’s that last second shot of Hulk vs Surtur who looks amazing!


Stranger Things 

Poor Will just can’t catch a break.  Just like the end of the first season it looks like Will is still jumping back and forth to the Upside Down, though now he’s got a giant “sky spider” to deal with.  We see Will being tested in some lab as that “John Carpenter style” soundtrack comes in and then shifts to Michael Jackson’s Thriller.  The soundtrack, looks to help push that 80’s vibe the first season totally nailed.  Finally we see Eleven standing in the Upside Down version of the classroom where she took down the Demogorgon in season one.  The question is, was this a flashback to shortly after the fight or has she been trapped in the Upside Down for a while now?  This is definitely the show I am most looking forward to this season.


Death Note

I was a huge fan of the anime, at least until the wheels kinda fell off towards the end, so I was super excited to see Netflix was doing a live-action version.  This isn’t really a trailer but just an extended clip of Light meeting Ryuk.  Ryuk sounds AMAZING with Willem Dafoe providing the voice, though I don’t know about the look of the character.  From what I can tell it looks a little off, but he’s in shadow most of the time.  Ryuk seems to tempt Light a lot more in this clip than he did in the anime, where he basically just hung out and watched the chaos (and ate apples).  The clip definitely had me sucked in as I was shocked when it abruptly ended without a conclusion.  I’m pretty interested to see this version play out.

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