Voltron Season 3 – Who’s Flying What?

The latest, and probably last, trailer for Voltron season 3 was just released and it’s looking better all the time.  Obviously if you haven’t seen the show’s first 2 seasons this breakdown contains some spoilers.

So what do we know? We know Shiro had disappeared from the black lion cockpit as of the season 2 ending.  We know Shiro told Keith to lead the team if something ever happened to him. We know that Keith has successfully piloted the black lion before.  We saw Lance in the red lion cockpit in the first teaser.

And what can we guess?  The odds are Keith is going to fly black, Lance is going to fly red and Alura will fly blue; just like the original show.  I assume Shiro is not gone for good. He’s going to have to come back, at least in some capacity, even if it’s only for a final farewell.  Personally I believe Shiro has been “absorbed” into the black lion and will be back.

That being said the show has already thrown us a ton of twists.  Between the fact that Keith is part Galra, Hagar is Altean, Pidge is a girl, Zarkon used to be the black pilot and Shiro/Sven was actually interesting; nothing is set in stone when it comes to pilots, or anything else for that matter.

My biggest question is ,”is it August 4th yet?!”

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