Does the Venom Movie’s Working Title Hint at New Origins?

The newest piece of Venom related movie news is it’s working title, “Antidote”.  Is this a clue to a different origin for the symbiote or is it simply just a working title?

The original story of Venom is that it’s an alien from another planet that Spider-Man encounters during the original “Secret Wars” story line.  Almost every other version of Venom still has it as an alien but typically it comes to Earth via a spaceship, asteroid, etc.  However, in the “Ultimate Spider-Man” comic the black goo has a different origin. In this version it is a bio suit made by Peter Parker and Eddie Brock’s fathers to increase the wearer’s abilities and/or heal them.  Could this be where the “Antidote” comes in?

Perhaps Eddie Brock will be a scientist working on his father’s original biosuit/weapon when it accidentally attaches to him?  Or maybe he’ll do it on purpose to prove it works?  Or maybe he is an inmate who is exposed to the symbiote as part of an experiment?  This could help explain where Carnage fits in as well.

In the original version of Venom’s history his spider-ish powers (climbing walls, webs, invisible to “spidey sense”, etc) are a result of bonding with Peter first.  The ultimate version had a slightly different power set.  He doesn’t produce webbing but rather uses long, black tendrils and he doesn’t negate Spider-Man’s “spidey sense” he overloads it.  Having a monster that is super strong, can climb walls, has a crazy long tongue and tendrils to swing around and grab people really has nothing to do with Spider-Man.  I think the “Ultimate” origin could be a good way to introduce the Venom character into  a movie without a Spidey presence.

However, then the question becomes why does Eddie Brock/Venom hate Peter Parker/Spider-Man?  And why does he even have a resemblance to Spider-Man along with a big white spider on his chest?  Which I’m hoping he doesn’t,  although it is a cool design.


Ultimate Venom

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