Dragon Ball FighterZ – No Flying?!

I’ve been a big Dragon Ball fan since the early 2000’s when I was first introduced to DBZ on the Toonami block of Cartoon Network.  It was my first real experience with anime and I’ve always had a soft spot for it, so any time a new game is announced I’m always excited.

The new “FighterZ” game is a 2.5d game, with fully rendered 3d characters fighting on a 2d plane.  You can select 3 fighters for you team and they can be changed out at will, basically it’s just like the recent Marvel and Capcom games.  At this point we’ve only been shown 2 stages, the World Tournament and Namek.  And the build is currently only showing 6 characters; Goku, Vegeta, Teen Gohan, Majin Buu, Cell and Frieza.  Of course, the roster is likely to contain a minimum of 20-30 characters as there are a TON of people in the Dragon Ball franchise.

The character models, fighting speed and special attacks look absolutely fantastic and it really feels like your watching the show.  The main problem I see is that the vast majority of the fighting is done standing on the ground.  The only time we see the characters fight in mid-air (a staple of the series) is when one character is launched by an attack and the other can then follow using a “homing dash” technique.  This mid-air fight only lasts a few seconds and the players then return to the ground.

I know the flying and mid-air fighting has made for some wonky game mechanics in previous titles but it really doesn’t feel like a Dragon Ball game without it.  I’m optimistic for this release, but I figure a new Xenoverse game would be more up my alley.

“Dragon Ball FighterZ” is set to release in early 2018 for Playstation, Xbox and PC.

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