Josh Brolin is Cable at D23

When it was announced officially that Cable would be in the Deadpool sequel the talk immediately went to who would be cast as the rough and tough soldier from the future.  I saw a handful of great actors suggested and then when I heard Josh Brolin was cast it made perfect sense.  Seriously, whoever came up with that choice is a genius!

His general look is great for the character but now we’re starting to see him truly become Cable.  We’ve seen pictures of him working out and getting pretty buffed up, at this point he looks bigger than everyone except Chris Hemsworth .  But now with his quasi-military haircut and scarred eyebrow at D23 he is Cable!  To me he looks like an older version of John Cena which is a perfect Cable representation.

At this point as long as the writing and costuming/effects are on par with the original movie there is no reason to think this will not be another Blockbuster.  Remember Fox, Maximum Effort!




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