Casting Carnage in the Venom Movie

While I still have some apprehension for this whole project (sorry, Spider-Man 3 still has me a little gun shy) I am optimistic at the casting of Tom Hardy as Eddie Brock/Venom.  Brock has always been a bigger guy in the comics/cartoons and Tom Hardy should be able to fill that half of the equation easily enough.  I mean he’s not super tall but he did play Bane, so that’s something.  Besides, his acting chops are nothing to take lightly either.

Now we have information that we are getting at least two symbiotes in the upcoming movie!  So the question becomes who should be cast as Venom’s psychotic “son” Carnage?  The Carnage symbiote is bonded with a serial killer named Cletus Kasady who is Brock’s one time cell mate.  Kasady is depicted as much thinner with red hair and Carnage is therefore much thinner than the his Venom counterpart.


I’ve seen a ton of actors suggesting in different articles but I’m going to run down my top three in no particular order.  Side note, I didn’t pick these actors because they have red or reddish hair, I just happened to find good images with that hair color for each.

Jackie Earle Haley

Jackie has played “deranged” plenty of times and already has a couple comic book characters under his belt too.  He played Rorschach in “The Watchmen”, Freddy Krueger in the “Nightmare on Elm Street” remake and is playing The Terror in the new “Tick” series for Amazon.


Brad Dourif

Just like Haley he has played a ton of crazy and eccentric characters in his long career.  Most notably, however, is the murderous doll Chucky in the “Child’s Play” franchise.  Just imagine that maniacal “Chucky laugh” coming out of a crazy liquid alien with knives for hands!  Dourif is the oldest actor on my short list but since most of the Carnage action would surely be CGI, his age shouldn’t be too much of an issue with crazy stunts.  And old doesn’t negate scary crazy, just ask Charles Manson.


Cameron Monaghan

While the first too are older than Tom Hardy, Cameron would definitely skew the other direction.  But maybe that would work if he ever meets Tom Holland’s Spider-Man?  While none of these actors are household names he is definitely the least known.  Even if you don’t know Haley or Dourif you likely recognize them from something.  Monaghan’s breakout role for me, and the reason he made this list, is his role as Jerome on “Gotham”.  He is equal parts funny and freaky which I think could definitely work for Carnage.

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Who do you want to see in the role?

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