The Strain’s Final Season Begins with some Fresh Ideas

The last season of “The Strain” has begun and I for one hate to see it go, especially after the big shake up the season premiere gave us.  While the first three seasons were basically contained to New York and trying to prevent a Strigoi invasion, season four is going to be about surviving/reversing the invasion and looks to have a much wider scope in terms of style and locations as well.

There was a chunk of the series where the idea of vampires in New York was laughed at.  Then came the day when people within the city realized the danger but people outside the quarantine still didn’t understand.  Now we see New York, Philadelphia and North Carolina are all hit by this plague (San Francisco is said to have fallen as well).

The streets of Philadelphia, and probably most major cities, are controlled by Strigoi with a very “1984”, dystopian future vibe complete with Strigoi “attack dogs”.  Meanwhile the country areas have more of a “Walking Dead” mood as humans fight each other for safety and supplies.

I am very excited to see where this final season takes us and hope for a series finale that delivers on this season opener.


PS – Zach is still an annoying brat

4 thoughts on “The Strain’s Final Season Begins with some Fresh Ideas

      1. I like the Walking Dead, although later seasons haven’t been as good as the earlier ones. The Strain is so good though, great cast, and some awesome SFX 🙂


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