George Romero – Godfather of Zombies

George Romero’s film  “Night of the Living Dead” is the basis for all modern day zombie movies, books and games.  Eating flesh, the infecting bite, destroying the brain, it all comes from Romero.  “The Walking Dead” comic and show, “Call of Duty Zombies”,  and so many other fan favorite zombie properties would most likely not exist without Romero’s early work.

John Carpenter and Guillermo del Toro have cited him as a big influence on their own films as well.  He was the first, and you could argue the best, at showing the ugly side of humanity within a horror film.  Even with flesh eating ghouls at the door it was often the humans that were the most dangerous to each other.

George Romero passed away in his sleep at 77 after a brief battle with lung cancer, according to his family.  The man may be gone but his inspiration will no doubt out live us all.

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