The Batman, Now with Less Ben

Originally the new Batman movie was going to be written by, directed by AND star Ben Affleck.  This would be no small undertaking, though to be fair he did this with “The Town” in 2010, then directed and starred in “Argo” in 2012.  And these are some of my favorite Affleck movies.  We initially got word that Ben was stepping down as director so he could put his full energy into the role.  I say, “if it gives us a great Bat performance, go for it”.

At first it was assumed that director Matt Reeves would be stepping in but keeping most, if not all, of the script.  The script was not only worked on by Affleck but also by Geoff Johns (the Chief Creative Officer at DC comics and one of the main men in charge of the DC film universe).

Reeves has now stating he is working on a totally new script.  This new script is supposed to have a more “noir” feel, possibly more like Tim Burton’s films or the 90’s animated series?  The new film is also supposed to bring Batman back to his detective roots, according to Reeves.  He co-wrote and directed the new “War for the Planet of the Apes”, which is getting some very good initial reviews, and it looks like Johns will still have some amount of input in this new script.  Joe Manganiello was cast as the villain Deathstroke in Affleck’s version, no word yet if that character will be present in the new draft.

All in all, it seems like we have a competent writer/director in Reeves and if Affleck needs to focus solely on being Batman to make a great movie it sounds like a plan to me.


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