Thanos Statue at D23 – is it Casual Friday?

D23 kicked off with a ton of items from upcoming Marvel movies but the one that got my eye was the huge Thanos statue.   Thanos is set to be the big bad of the upcoming “Avengers Infinity War” movie as he collects the infinity stones for his gauntlet.

Until recently we had only gotten brief glimpses of the Mad Titan.  Then “Guardians” featured him and gave us a few more looks at him in his armor and “hover throne”.  But this is the first we are seeing of the monster inside the armor, and I for one really like it. thanos armor

To be honest my initial reaction was a bit underwhelmed when I saw he wasn’t wearing his armor and helmet.  But once I really took in how powerful, and borderline Hulk, his body was I totally changed my mind.

This is the most detailed image we’ve been able to see of Josh Brolin as Thanos so far.  The character design is amazing and the people responsible for this sculpt definitely deserve a raise.  That is clearly a purple, 8 foot, Josh Brolin from space.



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