Welcome Home Spidey!

I was able to catch Spider-Man Homecoming over the weekend, and boy does it live up to the hype!  This review will not include any spoilers or information that isn’t included in the trailers, so no fear in preceding even if you haven’t seen it.

Although there are a handful of choices that aren’t typically part of the Spidey mythos (like his Stark built suit)  it somehow feels more like “Spider-Man” than the previous versions we’ve seen.  Perhaps it’s the fact that we actually have a teenage actor playing Spider-Man.  Maybe it’s the fact that Tom Holland is as akward as Tobey Maguire was as Peter AND as funny as Andrew Garfield was as Spider-Man.  Perhaps it’s the fact that he now lives within the Marvel universe and can interact with Iron Man and reference the Avengers.  Or maybe it’s all those parts that come together and create an even stronger whole.

Speaking of an actual teenage Peter Parker, I really enjoyed some of the high school segments within the movie.  Up until now we have never really seen a lot of Peter at school, unless he’s showing off some spider power by catching lunch trays or playing basketball.  This movie really did a great job of showing Peter as both a kid and a hero.  I read a review that described it as “part John Hughes, part superhero” and I think that analogy is pretty spot on.

On the other end of the spectrum, Michael Keaton totally delivers in his villain role.  The suit is in NO WAY comic accurate but does make sense in the current MCU.  However, his gruff demeanor and aging face totally sell it and reminded me why I fell in love with his Batman all those years ago.

If you haven’t seen it, GO, you wont’ be disappointed.  If you have seen it, GO AGAIN, I’ll meet you there.

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