New Releases – July 2017

I have been a toy/statue collector for over a decade (much to my girlfriend’s dismay) so I’ve decided to include a monthly review of some of my favorite new and upcoming items and where to find them.


Iceman looks super frosty in this latest incarnation.  The semi-block body and transparent ice slide totally work for this figure.  In fact, it looks more comic accurate than some of the past action figures we’ve gotten.  Available now.


“He’s a friend from work.”  I don’t know if the movie will live up to that joke, but this gladiator figure definitely does.  Available August 31st.


I’ve been looking for to the new season of “Stranger Things” since I finished the last one.  There’s a whole line of new figures, but of course Elle is my favorite.  Available Aug 31st.

groot n rocket

Rocket and Groot at their best.  I absolutely love the art style used for this statue!  They’re also releasing a Star Lord statue in the same style, but how can I not go with this?  Available mid July.


To prove I’m not a Marvel fan boy here’s the newest Black and White figure, Nightwing in Jim Lee’s style.  I am a huge Lee fan and this 7 inch statue totally nails his art.  Available now.

killing joke

This “Killing Joke” version of the Joker is gorgeous.  I especially like the inclusion of the Red Hood helmet and cape at his feet to hint at his origins from the book.  Available July 26th.


This 18″ Optimus Prime is not transformable but is HIGHLY poseable with 72 points of articulation including individual finger joints!  Also includes working lights, matrix and laser cannon.  So cool.  Available now.


And last is this “dream buy” of The Flash in his New 52 gear from Sideshow Collectibles.  This is only a prototype, so the actual statue could look even better!  Available October to December.

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