Castlevania – A Short but Solid Opening for the Netflix Series

When I heard Netflix would be releasing a “Castlevania” series I was immediately excited.  I’ll admit I’m only a casual fan of the game series so I can’t judge this adaptation as a “super fan” as I might some other series, but as a fan of horror anime and vampires I was ready to see what they had in store for us.

The story, voice acting, character models and animation are all exceptional.  We get some nice character development for both Dracula and Trevor Belmont, and see that a fight against a vampire king isn’t always black and white.  The art and backgrounds have a nice gloomy quality and the vampire tech reminds me of “Vampire Hunter D”.  The fight sequences seemed to get better as the story moved along, with one stand out coming in episode three.

Really the only problem I had with the show was that it was so short.  The first season consists of only four episodes with a run time of around 25 minutes each. That gives you a total viewing time of just under 100 minutes including intros and outros.  Ultimately, the whole things feels like a long, multi-part, opening episode rather than a season.  And the end of episode four pushes that feeling a little farther.

Once I found out that this was initially being developed as the first movie in a series the short season (roughly the length of a movie) made more sense.  I know that season two has already been confirmed and I would have to assume it will be longer than season one.  If not, they would surely have just made a multi-movie series instead of breaking each season into a few episodes.

All in all, “Castlevania” should be highly enjoyable for anyone who wants a fun, gory, new series; even if they’re not familiar with the source material.


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