How Many Little “Harleys” are Gonna be Born Now?

Harley Quinn was introduced in the early 90’s cartoon “Batman The Animated Series” and was an immediate fan favorite but it wasn’t until the recent “Suicide Squad” movie that she gained traction with more casual fans and/or non fans.  Now almost every woman I know claims ,”she’s always been my favorite character”.  Of course that’s a lie, but how is this status going to effect baby names moving forward?

A quick search of the popularity of “Harley” for a girl will show that it is still far from a “Top 10” but has made a tremendous leap in the past few years.  It was ranked at #438 in 2011, and has made it all the way to #224 as of last year (the year the film was released).  That’s a 200 place jump in 5 years!  Then you have trailblazers like director Kevin Smith (Clerks, Mallrats, etc) who named his daughter “Harley Quinn Smith” 18 years ago.  He gets bonus points for not only being ahead of the pack on this one but for also going with the full name!

Only time will tell if one day kindergarten classes will have to distinguish between “Harley H”, “Harley M” and “Harley R”.


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