Captain America’s Best Looks

In honor of the 4th of July I thought it was the perfect time to look out America’s most patriotic hero and rate his suits through the Marvel Universe thus far.  He’s had a total of 8 different suits in his 3 solo movies and 2 “Avenger” films, but I didn’t include the suit from the end of “Winter Soldier” since it is the same suit from the end of “First Avenger”.


7.  1st Avenger – USO Suit.  While definitely not a suit meant for battle, this is the first suit Steve wears as Captain America during his USO shows and proves that a cool comic costume CANNOT translate directly to live action.  1st avenger stage

6.  Avengers Suit.  Speaking of translating poorly, this suit looks like the costume team said “OK, what if we took his spandex suit from the comics and made it look weirdly futuristic?”  Terrible design all around but the helmet really bothers me.  avengers

5.  1st Avenger – 1st Mission.  This is the makeshift suit he puts together to rescue the men behind enemy lines.  I did like the way they worked a helmet with an “A” on it into the story without being to hard to believe.  The suit is pretty hardcore and definitely looks like what a “real” Captain America would have worn in WWII, but that’s not always the most fun.  1st avenger

4.  Winter Soldier – Stealth Suit.  This suit is very close to what Steve wore for a while in the comics after Bucky became Captain America after Steve was killed by Sharon Carter who was brainwashed…  you know what forget about that.  Anyway, the suit is slick and like the “first mission suit” looks more tactically useful than some of the super bright “classic” looks.  winter soldier stealth

3 & 2.  Age of Ultron and Civil War.  I don’t see enough difference in these 2 to warrant to separate entries, nor do I know which one I actually prefer.  “Ultron” is on the right in the below pic.  I see slight variations in the chest, pants and boots but they are so minor it doesn’t really fell like a new suit.  These are the latest 2 versions of the suit we’ve seen and it looks like the film makers have finally figured out how to make a Cap suit look comic correct and still fit with the team and this era.  ultron vs civil war

  1.  1st Avenger Suit.  While the filmmakers have struggled trying to find the right modern era Cap suit I think they hit this one out of the park on the first try!  This suit is basically the WWII version of the current suit.  It looks a little bulky, but in a good way, and is the ONLY suit that can pull off the classic “paneled belly” of the comic version.  1st avenger suit

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