What We Saw and What We Didn’t See in Inhumans Trailer

I’ll admit I was skeptical about an Inhumans movie/TV show.  I didn’t think they had enough of a following to become a franchise, but then again neither did “Guardians of the Galaxy” before the first movie.  Now every kid wants to be either a tree or a raccoon for Halloween, so there’s always hope.

The cast looks great and  although they weren’t comic accurate costumes they did translate fairly well.  But let’s be honest, no one expected to see Blackbolt in a full face mask with a tuning fork on his head.  The guy can’t speak so you can’t cover up half his face and limit the actor even more… and the tuning forks just weird.

The costumes and sets look terrific and we got to see a handful of Inhumans use their powers including a grunt from Blackbolt at the end of the trailer that annihilates a cop car, NICE!  We also get to see a couple scenes with Lockjaw that stole the show in my opinion.

The main problem I had, and I’ve read elsewhere as well, is the lack of “life” in Medusa’s hair.  In the comics Blackbolt will go multiple issues without making a sound but Medusa’s hair is constantly twisting and moving in each panel.  She’s been shown to use it to simply as another set of hands but usual as a weapon.  So the fact that it hung lifeless from her head the whole trailer was a huge let down and makes me question exactly how other parts of this series will be handled.


Ultimately, if the show lives up to it’s impressive costuming and locations it could be amazing.  If it turns out as limp as Medusa’s hair, we may have a big problem.



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