New Spider-man Cartoon may not be “Spectacular” but looks promising

I’m a huge Spidey fan so when I heard there would be a new cartoon to replaced “Ultimate Spider-Man” I was both excited and nervous, both mainly because of “Ultimate”.  It was my hope that his show would steer closer to the “Spectacular Spider-Man” than the current “Ulimate” version.  And it looks like those hopes are being realized.

Although we only have a short teaser and a 5 minute origin short (links below) to judge thus far it already looks superior to it’s predecessor.  Peter immediately comes off as akward and nerdy (though slightly annoying) in this new short and the new character models look Fantastic!  I’ve always been a fan of a thinner Spider-Man and this show looks to be giving us a look similar to the Ultimate Spider-Man (the comic series, not the toon… I know it’s confusing)

Marvel is promising to air a few more shorts before the premier.  Here’s hoping the new show meets, and hopefully, exceeds the previous version.


Origin Short57f977a64dac4

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