Holographic Phone on the Way?!

Yes, you read that correctly.  We are supposed to have a holographic smartphone in 2018!  RED, who currently makes high end cameras, has been teasing the release of a smartphone which uses holograph technology called Hydrogen One. At this point they have displayed the prototype bodies and some insiders have seen the holographic view or […]

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Apple and Star Wars are Design BFFs

Jony Ive, the Apple design lead, recently stated that he took inspiration from the Stormtrooper armor in Star Wars when originally designing the their earbuds.  And once you hear that it totally makes sense.  The slick, white plastic outer shell is pretty much iconic with both Stormtroopers and Apple’s earbuds. Even more interesting is that […]

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Captain Marvel and the Skrulls

The first images for Captain Marvel were released recently and they include not only our first looks at Carol Danvers as the title character but her opponents in the the upcoming film.  After 10 years of Marvel movies it looks like we are getting some good old fashioned shape-shifting Skrulls.  I originally believed the Skrulls […]

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80s Voltron Lego Set?!

A new set is coming which perfectly captures the 80’s transforming robot, and it is bricky perfection.  The new set will be released by Lego next year.  The origin actually comes from a fan, Leandro Tayag, who submitted a mock up to the Lego Ideas platform.  The mock up is made of 2,100 pieces and […]

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Somebody tell Wolverine they Raided his Closet. Batman’s New Partner gets a New Suit

Batman’s newest partner is Duke Thomas aka The Signal.  While some people are saying the name is weird (and it kinda is) I’m more focused on the suit.  They did an Amalgam comic line years ago with Batman and Wolverine fused together called Darkclaw.  So is this look called “son of Darkclaw”? His earlier suit […]

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